Unveiling Home’s Pro First Commercial: Your Trusted Flooring Expert!

As a distributor specializing in floorings, Home’s Pro has been a trusted partner for countless flooring stores nationwide. Now, Home’s Pro is excited to announce the release of its very first commercial, a significant milestone in its journey towards becoming a renowned brand.

Miss Hong Kong 2017 Winner Juliette Louie is cast in the sales rep role introducing Home’s Pro flooring.

The First Commercial: A Strategic Move

The release of Home’s Pro first commercial marks a strategic move for the company. It serves dual purposes – to enhance brand awareness among the public and to equip our valued vendors with a powerful sales tool.

  1. Enhancing Brand Awareness: The commercial is designed to introduce Home’s Pro to a broader audience. It encapsulates the essence of the brand, highlighting our commitment to quality, and customer satisfaction. With engaging visuals and a compelling narrative, the commercial aims to make Home’s Pro a recognizable name in the industry and beyond.
  2. Empowering Vendors: Home’s Pro recognizes the importance of supporting our valued partners. The commercial is a powerful resource that can be leveraged to promote the brand and our products. It provides them with a persuasive tool to showcase Home’s Pro’s reliability and the exceptional range of flooring solutions we offer.

Key Elements of the Commercial

  1. Quality: The commercial highlights Home’s Pro’s top-notch flooring products backed by a team of experts who understand the nuances of the industry.
  2. Customer-Centric Approach: It emphasizes the empathetic and friendly nature of the brand, showcasing satisfied customers who have benefited from Home’s Pro’s solutions.
  3. Product Showcase: The commercial offers a glimpse into the extensive range of flooring products available, demonstrating the versatility and quality that Home’s Pro offers.
  4. Vendor Partnerships: It acknowledges the vital role of vendors and how Home’s Pro supports and collaborates to meet customer needs effectively.

The release of Home’s Pro first commercial is an exciting milestone in the company’s journey. It not only enhances brand awareness among the public but also equips vendors with a powerful sales tool. With its professional, empathetic, and friendly tone, the commercial reflects the values and mission that have made Home’s Pro a trusted name in the flooring industry.

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